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The Norden Farm membership scheme is designed to offer a range of benefits to people wishing to visit Norden Farm, support its artistic vision and participate in its AGM.

Each year, members contribute over £35,000, raising valuable income towards delivering a high quality artistic programme and helping to maintain our unique venue.

Last year, income from membership was enough to pay for our lighting and heating through the year.

Here is how you can support Norden Farm:

Become a Member


Attend and vote at the AGM, nominate and elect trustees.

Become a Bronze Member

£35 per year

Add to your member’s rights - a newsletter, early brochure, priority booking period and free ticket exchange.

Become a Silver Member

£120 per year

Add to all of the above - acknowledgement on website, preview event, annual wine tasting reception, event discounts, no credit card booking fee, 5% catering discount.

Become a Gold Member

£500 per year

Add to all of the above - acknowledgment in brochure, one free Long Barn hire annually (T&Cs apply) and 10% catering discount.

Download a Membership Application form

Click here to download an application form as a pdf.

Click here to download an application form as a word document.

Once you have completed the Membership Application Form, please return the whole form to:

Julietta Wilson-Tromp Norden Farm Centre for the Arts Altwood Road Maidenhead SL6 4BH

Seat Sponsorship

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You can support Norden Farm and its activities by sponsoring a seat in our Courtyard Theatre. A seat plaque is a wonderful way to commemorate an occasion or a friendship, or to remember a friend or family member.

A specially created plaque carries your own choice of wording.

Contact Rachel Entwistle, Operations Manager, on 01628 682555 for more information or click here to download an application form.


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We are grateful for the support from the following Patrons

  • Petra Ali
  • Geoffrey Blacker
  • Rosemary Burfitt
  • Daniel Burton
  • Mr & Mrs John Cottrill
  • Grahame Fisher
  • Eleanor Griffiths
  • Peter Griffiths
  • Martin Kempton
  • Francis Lynn
  • Graham Moore
  • Victoria Plotkin
  • Miss D Rewell
  • Mr & Mrs Harry Wale
  • Michael Weston-Davies
  • Mrs M E Bisset
  • Mr J A Litchfield
  • DC Miles-Griffiths
  • Mr R Sheldon
  • Mr Roger Coombes
  • Mr A Fox
  • Frankie Holness
  • Mr & Mrs Horne
  • Mr Peter Ison
  • Dr JA Langdon
  • Ms Diana Le Clercq
  • Mr Derek Minter
  • AR Redgrave
  • Mr & Mrs Sambrook
  • Mr Tony Stock
  • Lisa Walden
  • Mrs Irene Wilson
  • Dr & Mrs M Bruton
  • Mr G Eagle
  • K Hayward
  • Mr G McGregor-Smith
  • Mr James C Powell
  • Mrs Georgina Smith
  • Mr Christian and Mrs Isabel Waida
  • Mrs Osborn
  • Mark and Mary Ashworth
  • Dr T Lennie
  • Mr John Eastwood
  • Mrs H Petter
  • Dr CM Welbourn
  • Mr Baker
  • Mr A Collins
  • Adam Gurr & Kerry Baker
  • Mr Hayden
  • Mr P Rutherford


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We are grateful for the support from the following Norden Farm Angels

  • Afshan Ahmed
  • Maria Allport
  • Michael Buckland
  • Mary Durham
  • Andrew Forrest
  • David Gilbert
  • Bob Godfrey
  • Sally Munro
  • Tess Marsh
  • Alison McKendrick
  • Barbara Rosenberg
  • Sheila Smith
  • Douglas Tailintyre
  • Hanne Walton
  • Robert Williams
  • Mrs A M Lelliott
  • Miss J Hipsey
  • Miss B N Renwick
  • Mrs Dorothy Pike
  • Edward Clarke
  • Mr G W Fergusson
  • Mr J A Smith
  • Mrs S Williams
  • Gillian Wallis
  • Shirley Palfai
  • John & Pat Iles
  • Mr R Norman
  • John Leyland
  • Alan Kaye
  • Mrs MM Roberts
  • Mr Frank Parry
  • Malcolm Cutler
  • Mr and Mrs JL Addiscott
  • Mrs RP Ansari
  • Mrs Ashford
  • Mr Nick Baggott
  • Mrs Branda Bateman
  • Mr Keith Bell
  • Mrs Diana Bentley
  • Mr Ian Birch
  • Mr Richard Boas Lo
  • Mr Paul Britten
  • Karin Brown
  • Mr Robin Bullit
  • Mr DJ Calcutt
  • Mr & Mrs Clarke
  • Gill Cooke
  • Mr David Creevy
  • Mrs Carol Cung
  • Mr Russell Dean
  • Mrs Sybil Diskin
  • Christine Emery
  • Lesley Evans
  • Mr Ed Filmore
  • Mr Robert Foden
  • Mr G W Furgusson
  • Mr D Gilbert
  • Mr David Grant
  • Ms Alexandra Gray
  • CJ Gutch
  • Mr John Hanford
  • Ms Rachel Harrison
  • Mr Derek Hooper
  • Mrs Sandra Isted
  • Mr Roy Jones
  • Mrs Annette Juckes
  • S Kay
  • Mr M Kinross
  • Ms Jackie Kitchen
  • A & EM Kremenstein
  • Mrs Betty Lambourne
  • Miss Nicole Libermann
  • Mr Don Lindskog
  • Mr Ken Manley
  • Jim Mclean
  • Ms Joanne McShane
  • Mrs Julia Mellor
  • Mr Robert Miles
  • Mrs D & J Miller
  • Anne Morley
  • Mrs Kerry Neal
  • Mrs Jennifer Nightingale
  • Patricia Ohara
  • Mr & Mrs Osborn
  • JB Palfery
  • Mrs Belina Peddle
  • Laure Pelletier
  • DB & RL Pinniger
  • Mr Richard Porter
  • Mrs Fiona Price
  • DS & SM Proffitt
  • Mr Peter Randall
  • Dr MA Reeve
  • Christine Revoy
  • Mrs Elizabeth Richardson
  • Mrs Jovanka Ristich
  • Mrs JK Rivett
  • Mr Colin Robertson
  • Mr & Mrs Rumens
  • Mr Martin Runnacles
  • Catherine Sadd
  • Mrs Carole Shaw
  • Mrs GM Shaw
  • Mr Jeff Short
  • Vera Smyth
  • AH Soden
  • RM Stockton
  • R Sym
  • Shirley Taylor
  • Mr Simon Tse
  • GPA & JM Turner
  • Mr J Wagrel
  • Mr BR Watson
  • Mrs Alison Wattiau
  • Chris Weeks
  • Mr DJ Wiltshire
  • Sylvia Wimpenny
  • Mrs E Collins
  • Mr & Mrs Spiers
  • Ms Mary Saunders
  • Mavis Gregson
  • Mrs Susan Harbour
  • Ms S Werrell
  • Mrs JR Newman
  • Patrick Romaya
  • Mr G Smith
  • Mrs E M Darby
  • GJ Marrs
  • Mrs Gladys Long
  • Mr P Nurse
  • Mrs M Deuter
  • Mr Mike Butcher
  • Mr D Morgan
  • Miss N Lott
  • Miss W Craig
  • Mr D Bailey
  • Mr Robert and Mrs Irene Sheppard
  • Mrs J Lockwood
  • Miss A Beaney
  • Mr D Bailey
  • Mrs RM Hill
  • Mr E Mannes-Abbot
  • Mrs S E Conduit
  • Mrs R J Pearson
  • Mrs Goodman
  • Mr C A R Cutler
  • Mrs M Manning
  • Mrs Marion McKechnie
  • Mr Peter McKechnie
  • Mrs Patricia Davey
  • Dr BL Smith
  • Mrs Ruth Dries
  • Mr P Evans
  • Miss S Hitchman
  • Mr P Ringsell
  • Mr and Mrs Worman
  • Ms Gloria Goldman
  • Mrs S Lennon
  • Mr B Alcock
  • Mrs S Carter
  • Mrs B Case
  • Mr Robert & Mrs Elvira Muckle
  • Mr C Basley
  • Mr R Batt
  • Mr B E Belcher
  • Mrs G Burchett
  • Mrs R Butler
  • Mrs S Carver
  • Mr & Mrs Chapman
  • Mr & Mrs Conaghan
  • Mr Evans
  • Mr MJ Firth
  • Mrs E Fisher
  • Ms Fyffe
  • Mrs Anne Hanford
  • Mrs ML Kozlowski
  • Mr A Lawrence
  • Miss N Liebermann
  • Mrs McKechnie
  • Mr D Prest
  • Miss T Ruff
  • Mr D Talintyre
  • Mrs C Taylor
  • I Wallis
  • Mrs J Wittaker


  • Joan George
  • Donations received in memory of Robert Morris
  • Mr A D Miller
  • Mrs P Baylis
  • Mr John Miles Griffiths
  • The Maidenhead Running Sisters
  • Mrs G P Symons
  • Mr B Cornick
  • Cllr. Cynthia Pitteway
  • Bill and Melanie Fone
  • Maidenhead Civic Society
  • Mr Jay Hutchins
  • Donation bequeathed by Robert Morris
  • Sanofi Pasteur MSD
  • Mr Graham Soal
  • Mrs P Islip
  • Mrs Brenda Gibbon


Norden Farm gratefully acknowledges the support of:

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