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There are no scheduled instances of Floral Design Course.

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Floral Design Course

There are no scheduled instances of Floral Design Course. You can view similar events below.

Led by Kim Wright

This Floral design course for beginners is for those who are new to floral design as well as those with some experience. Kim will guide participants with demonstrations followed by practical work which will give them the confidence to develop their own floral designs each week.

You will be shown how to prepare flowers and foliage, how to create gifts and how to decorate a party, home or just for a pleasure. You will also receive valuable insights on buying flowers, foliage and sundries on the wholesale market.

Wed 2 Mar – 30 Mar
11am – 1pm
£130 for 5 week course

Wed 4 May - 8 Jun (6 week course), 15 Jun - 20 Jul (6 week course)
11am – 1pm

Additional Information
Please note that the materials are provided for the first class. For subsequent classes participants will need to bring their own Floristry materials such as flowers, foliage, scissors, containers and some other materials each week to be able to create your own floral design. Kim will advise on what's needed each week.

About Kim Wright
Kim has won a number of awards including the 1st prize of Blenheim Palace flower festival 2021. She began sharing her extensive knowledge of floristry and her unique style in workshops three years ago and is excited to offer this bespoke course at Norden Farm. She also dresses weddings, events and church services with her natural look and romantic and elegant flowers. .

Please prepare for your visit by reading our latest Visitor Information here. This includes important information about face coverings and measures we have implemented to keep everyone safe when visiting Norden Farm.

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In the Weeds

Kazumi is hunting a sea monster. Arriving on a remote Hebridean island, he meets Coblaith, a local woman whose family have lived there for generations.

When she offers to help him find the mythical creature that he believes drowned his family, their relationship blossoms. But there's something strange about Cob's obsessive affection for the lochs and something even stranger about the way the other islanders treat her.

Suspicious of his new lover, Kazumi’s imagination gets the better of him. Could it be that Coblaith is the mythical creature he has been searching for? Or are humans the real monsters after all?

Exploring island identity and our troubled relationship to the natural environment, this new commission from award winning playwright Joseph Wilde asks how remote communities can survive the dangers created by the tourism they rely on.

Presented by An Tobar and Mull Theatre.

Suitable for ages 13+ years (strong language and partial nudity).


An Tobar and Mull Theatre's website


  •  10 Jun

Roses in Watercolour

Led by Jo Hall

This workshop will help you paint a rose using a very limited palette, with wet in wet, layering and impressed line techniques. There will be plenty of time to experiment with colour mixing and to complete two or three small rose studies using different coloured roses and a different colour palette for each. Please bring your own painting materials. Some roses will be available or bring your own. All details of materials and equipment are in the information below.

Sat 11 Jun 11am - 4pm

Information and materials:
Watercolours to include the following or similar;
A cool blue (cerulean or phthalo blue)
A warm blue (Ultramarine or cobalt blue)
A cool yellow (lemon yellow or cadmium lemon)
A warm yellow (cadmium yellow or cadmium yellow deep or other nearer to orange yellow)
A cool red (alizarin crimson or permanent rose)
A warm red (cadmium red pale or vermillion)

Bring any other blue, yellow or red colours you have. We will be looking to discover triads of primaries suitable for each of the roses we will be painting.

Paper; cold pressed watercolour A3 or quarter sheets; we may make two studies per sheet
Khadi paper would also be a good choice.
Sketchbook for testing colour mixes and trial sketches

Brushes: round brushes; small size 1 or two, medium size 4, and a larger brush size 6 or more.
Water pots, palette, small natural sponge, kitchen towel
A fine but blunt tool (wooden cocktail stick or embossing tool or similar)
Drawing board and wooden block

Some roses will be available or bring your own
Paper will also be available from the tutor at cost.

Creative Arts Social Club

Led by professional artists Amelia Pimlott and Caroline Crawford.


Japanese Calligraphy

Led by Eiko Ishida

This workshop is perfect for those who are interested in trying something new and learning traditional Japanese art. Let's spend meditative and self-expressive artsy afternoon together!

During this workshop, we will go over the basics of Japanese calligraphy, including:
• How to hold and control the brush
• The structure and meaning of Japanese characters
• Basic brush techniques
• Expressing yourself with the brush and ink

Everybody is welcome – no calligraphy experience or Japanese language skills are necessary.

Thur 16 Jun
1pm - 4pm


Acrylic Painting: more Techniques for Pattern and Texture

Led by Jo Hall

Over the six weeks we will reference natural forms, and habitats such as rock pools, hedgerows or wooded landscape with their associated plants and creatures to create compositions with a lot of texture and pattern.

Techniques will include knife painting, glazing over colour and monochrome, embedding and impressing forms like seed heads or grasses, incorporating a collaged element, sgraffito.

Please bring your own materials and equipment as in the detailed information below.

Tues 21 Jun - 26 Jul
12.30pm - 1.30pm
£120 for the six week course

Acrylic paints and brushes
Palette knife and two painting knives
Suitable support (canvas board, canvas, heavy mixed media or watercolour paper preferably primed with gesso)
Stay wet palette
Matte medium (also glaze and texture medium not essential but useful)
Slow drying medium (that is a medium which slows down drying time enabling more time for blending)
Paper towel, water pots
Table easel, drawing board, tape to fix paper
Sketchbook to plan composition and colour notes.

Some mixed media paper will be available at cost
Reference will be available and you will be encouraged to bring your own.
Do bring a textured natural form for the first meeting; piece of driftwood or similar would be good.

Contact Jo at [email protected] if you have questions about the course content or materials.


Paint a Flower in Acrylic

Led by Jo Hall

Paint a larger than life flower, in acrylic, referencing the flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Blooms supplied or bring your own flower together with your own materials and equipment as in the information below.

Sat 9 Jul 11am - 4pm

Please bring the following materials and equipment:
Acrylic paints and brushes
Matte medium and slow dry medium
Water pots
Stay wet palette

Support: canvas board or canvas, multimedia paper or heavy watercolour paper primed with gesso
Sketchbook or cartridge paper to work out composition and colour mixes.

Charcoal or pencil
Paper towel, small water spray, palette knife
Table easel, drawing board if using paper, tape to fix paper to the drawing board

Some blooms will be available or bring your own

Multimedia paper will be available at cost from the tutor

Do contact Jo at [email protected] with any questions about the workshop content or materials.


Water Lilies in Watercolour and Coloured Pencils

Led by Caroline Crawford

Participants will look at the watery surface and create a still reflective piece in watercolours, the focus is on composition, texture, light and shadow. Expert tuition, demos and guidance given.

Fri 15 Jul 11am – 4pm
£45 per workshop, £5 materials fee on the day to the tutor

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